About Us

Hi there,

The main idea behind this site is to try to help You, The Reader, with solutions, howtos,  ideas  and interesting tips & tricks, which our research and development team came across, while working on various projects. We are perfectly aware that a given task could be completed by applying different solutions, and we do not even consider that ours are the best. We just want to share what has helped us in a given situation, or what we've found as an interesting technology, which is worth trying.

Our team is composed by geeks interested in nearly everything that has bits of electronics in it 🙂 You could expect stuff ranging from technology introductions, howtos, benchmarks, code examples and etc.

One of our main areas of interest are the open source technologies, and the general idea that stands behind them, so most of the time, with some exceptions of course (well done job by some companies deserve some credit), you'll see us giving examples of how to solve a problem by applying them. Information according to our principles should be free like the open source technologies, so that's another reason for us to start this site.

Hope you'll find something that will help you in your daily tasks! 🙂

You could always contact us, by using the form available at the Contact Us page. Feedback is always well appreciated! 🙂

Wish you nice time spent with us!

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